Clear: Process of cutting back branches just far enough to clear a sidewalk, street, driveways, patio, wires, etc.

Cut Off: Cutting tree down to a low stump approximately 4" or less above ground

Dripline: The area underneath a tree that encompasses the majority of a tree's roots. To determine the dripline, measure the circumference (in inches) of the tree at 4.5 feet height. Divide this number by 2 and then measure out that many feet from the trunk. For example, if a tree has a 40" circumference, the majority of the roots will be within 20 feet from the trunk in all directions.

Prune: Informal, selective cutting of branches with hand or power tools to maintain natural shape

Raise Skirt: Cutting back lowest branches to obtain more space beneath tree. The height to raise would be specified on the work order.

Shear: Formal trimming of branches with electric trimmers to achieve a smooth and symmetrical appearance
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