Trimming Shade Trees in Denver

Need shade tree trimming services in the Denver area? Look no further than Arbor Garden. We look forward to having you join our long list of satisfied and repeat customers. Contact Arbor Garden for a personal consultation at 303-722-8820 or simply Inquire Online Here.

Complete Prune Class A 
  • Remove dead branches 1/2" diameter and larger
  • Remove crossing and interfering branches
  • Remove old stubs
  • Remove broken and hanging branches
  • Thin interior branches by one-third
  • Clear from walks and structures
  • Remove lower branches to provide more space under tree (only if requested)
  • Shape to natural form
Complete Prune Class B
  • Same as Class A except tree is reduced in size according to your specification
Complete Prune to City Code Class C
  • Remove dead branches 2" or larger
  • Remove broken or hanging branches
  • Provide 8' clearance over sidewalk and 13'6" clearance over streets and alleys curb to curb
Safety Prune Class D
  • Remove dead branches 2" in diameter or larger
  • Remove broken, dangerous or hanging branches
  • Reduce extremely long ends
Custom Work
  • Pruning done to your specification and preferences as indicated on your work order