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Destructive emerald ash borer beetle discovered in Boulder County & Beyond

Breaking news from the Denver Post: A very damaging beetle from Asia that was responsible for immense damage in forests throughout the Midwest and East Coast has made its way to Colorado and was located in Boulder County on Monday.

This beetle is known as the emerald ash borer beetle - pictures to the left, and could threaten hundreds of thousands of ash trees here in Colorado. 

Ash trees are abound here in the Denver Metro area, provide immense shade, and withstand harsh weather changes. However, the emerald ash borer beetle is said to be nearly impossible to eradicate once an ash tree has been infected. 

Please keep an eye out for the emerald ash borer beetle. If you suspect you have seen one of these beetles in an ash tree here in Denver, or would like to have your Denver trees inspected, please call us today at Arbor Garden: (303) 722-8820.

Photo courtesy of the Colorado State Forest Service.

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