Trimming Deciduous Trees in Denver

Deciduous trees are trees that typically lose their leaves when the seasons change. This can happen most commonly during autumn. While deciduous trees have a way of self preservation, trimming them is still very important, as it helps maintain your tree"s health and helps control insect problems. We recommend that you prune on a regular basis to keep your trees in good shape. Trees are not only beautiful but they provide shade for your Denver landscape and help keep our planet clean by producing the oxygen we need to survive. At Arbor Garden, owners and staff are well-trained and committed to delivering the highest quality tree and landscaping care at a reasonable price. Different trees have different pruning needs, so working with an expert arborist is important to keep your trees healthy and thriving. You can prune your trees yourself but without the knowledge and know-how you could damage them. Learn more about why hire a Denver arborist to see the importance of working with a professional. Contact Arbor Garden for a professional pruning consultation at 303-722-8820 or simply Inquire Online Here.

Interested in learning more about the terms arborists use to describe the trimming process? Prune, prune hard and shear are outlined below:

  • Remove two or three of the oldest canes at ground level, if requested
  • Cut back one foot, or as needed to shape
  • Remove majority of deadwood
Prune Hard
  • Remove one-third of the oldest canes at/near ground level
  • Cut height and width back to size specified
  • Use electric shear, reduce height and width, one to two years growth
  • Remove majority of deadwood