Trimming Evergreen Trees in Denver

If you need your evergreen trees trimmed? Look no further than Arbor Garden's Denver tree trimming services. We offer state of the art trimming services for the Denver metro area. Contact us for a free consultation at 303-722-8820 or simply Inquire Online Here.

Learn more about the terms arborists use to describe Denver evergreen tree trimming:

Natural Prune
  • Cut back only to shape and control size
Natural Prune Hard
  • Cut back as much as possible to control size and shape
  • May cause a temporary woody appearance
Natural Rough Shear
  • Shear long ends back with minimum reduction in size
Safety Prune Class D
  • Shear back one or two years growth to obtain formal shape
  • Shear back maximum amount
  • May cause temporary browning and/or woody look