Threat to Denver Tree Health

Urban environments are extremely hostile places for shade trees to thrive.  Consider the effects of:

     • drought
     • construction damage
     • de-icing salt
     • vandalism
     • air pollution
     • soil compaction
     • lawnmower damage
     • weed whip damage

Stressors such as these can actually change a tree"s physiology predisposing it to invasion by disease and insects that it would otherwise be able to resist.

Many insect pests will only attack a tree that is under severe stress. By planting drought tolerant and/or native species and following proper planting, mulching, watering, and pruning techniques, Arbor Garden can help ensure that your trees remain healthy and able to fight off disease and insects. Contact Arbor Garden at 303-722-8820 or simply Inquire Online Here

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