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How to Make Your Backyard Childproof - Arbor Garden Tree Service

May 30, 2018

Summer is just around the corner and as the weather warms up, more and more kids will start spending time outside rather than in front of the TV. Though there’s no denying that the fresh air and activity is great for them, keeping them and your landscaping safe throughout the summer can be a bit of a challenge. The backyard should be a safe-haven and paradise for any kid looking to get away from technology and unplug. Here are a few tips from a trusted Denver landscaping company to help you keep your kids and your landscaping safe this summer.

Create Designated Play Spaces

If you have young kids, setting boundaries is incredibly important when it comes to preserving the health of your landscaping and your trees. Rather than letting them play anywhere in the yard, create designated play areas. Use natural boundaries like shrubs to create green fencing or lay mulch around the plants and garden beds you want to protect. This will help preserve the nutrients in the soil while also giving your kids a visible “off-limits” indicator to watch for whenever they’re playing. If you have vegetable gardens or young plants you wish to protect completely, consider installing a small fence around the bed. This way, the soil will be undisturbed by activity, giving your plants the time they need to grow well.

Keep Gardening Tools Out of Reach

As a parent, it’s easy to get distracted when you’re gardening. This often results in gardening tools and equipment getting left out in the yard for days on end. Unfortunately, unattended tools are almost a magnet for curious kids and even a small spade can be a major safety hazard when they’re running around the backyard. Rather than leaving your gardening tools out and about, put them away after each use. Store them in a designated garden shed or put them in the garage where they can stay protected from the elements until you’re ready to use them again. This will not only preserve the life of your tools, but it will keep kids from hurting themselves by using the tools improperly and without adult supervision.

Retract Sprinklers or Put Them Away

If you’ve ever stepped on a sharp rock barefoot, you know the pain it can cause. Sprinkler heads are no different and if your kids are running through the grass barefoot on a hot summer day, stubbing their toe on a sprinkler head is sure to bring them to tears. If you have a permanent sprinkler or irrigation system installed in your yard, make sure it’s set to retract the heads at the end of each watering cycle. If you have sprinkler attachments for your hose, pick them up when you’re done using them. This way, your kids’ feet will stay safe and your sprinkler head will be undamaged no matter how much they trample the lawn.  

Clean Up Debris After Pruning and Tree Trimming

Regular trimming and pruning is important for the health of trees and shrubs of all sizes. However, no matter how careful you are, some debris will get scattered throughout the yard. If you know that your kids will be spending time playing outside, take the time to clean up thoroughly after trimming. Bag large clippings and twigs as you go and rake up smaller debris after the yardwork is finished. If you’re worried about finding the time to prune and clean up your yard, hire a professional to take care of the job. They’ll make sure your lawn is safe after every trimming so you can avoid worrying about your kids getting splinters and cuts after playing outdoors.

Think About Insects

Unfortunately, the warmer weather attracts stinging insects as much as it does beneficial pollinators. Periodically check the trees and play structures around the yard for signs of wasp nests, bee hives, and fire ants. If you notice any around the yard, contact an exterminator to discuss your options. Bee hives should be removed and relocated without harming the insects. However, wasps and fire ants can often be treated simply with the help of an experienced pest control team. If you don’t see any signs of nests, set up a preventative wasp trap in a part of the yard far away from the central play area. These traps lure wasps hunting in your yard and keep them from interfering with your kids’ playtime.

Create a Kids’ Garden

The easiest way to get kids to be mindful of plants is to get them involved in gardening. The more they appreciate the work involved in caring for a garden bed, the less likely they are to trample your plants. Start a small garden bed and let your kids plant a few of their favorite flowers or veggies. They’ll love the opportunity to get their hands dirty and learn the value of caring for plants throughout the year. Let them take ownership of the garden bed and encourage them to water their garden routinely. The more involved they feel, the more they’ll understand and appreciate the work it takes to maintain the rest of the yard’s landscaping.

Make Use of Shade Trees

Sunburn may not be a major safety hazard, but it can be a big source of discomfort in the summer. Rather than relying solely on copious amounts of sunscreen, create hangout spots for your kids that use the shade your trees provide. Swing sets, play sets, and sitting areas can all be placed in shady areas of the yard, letting your kids stay outside longer without getting sunburned. If you don’t have any shade trees in your yard, consider planting some this year to help turn your backyard into a comfortable retreat for your kids and yourselves.

Summer should be a time of fun and relaxation for the whole family. Need help getting your yard and your trees ready for the summer? Contact Arbor Garden today. Our experienced arborists and pruning specialists will keep your trees in good shape so you and your family can focus on enjoying the great outdoors in comfort.