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Certified Arborist Regulations in Denver Tree Service

October 31, 2018

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing someone to complete any type of work on or around your home or place of business. Obviously you don’t want just anyone off the street coming onto the property but then come the finer points of an evaluation regarding qualifications, care, skill, and professionalism in the workplace. All areas of importance and worth investigating before enlisting the help of any individual or company within the service industry. There is nothing worse then having to spend hard earned money for someone to come in and then not be pleased with either how they are handling their specific job or the care to which they treat your property as their own.

For many of these situations, home or business owners are reaching out to a professional service to complete something they themselves cannot or choose not to handle. Often people are referred by word of mouth to an established company based on previous experiences with individuals that the current subject either knows or has seen the selected individual complete work for in the past.

One thing that sets individuals apart from their counterparts in the broad world of service related activities are education and specific qualifications. Professionally trained personnel with a history of experience typically perform respectable work and can ensure that your property will be well taken care of in the process.

The tree service and landscaping industry is no different. Following is a brief overview for what to expect from those who hold the highest possible licenses within the arbor and landscaping branch of services.

Governing Body

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the leading standard for those involved in the tree care and landscaping industry. Nearly forty years ago their Western Chapter created a specific certification program for those involved in arbor care across the country wanting to establish their role as professionals. 

Creating a general and level playing field while allowing communication from those within the industry on a common subject across the country, this step served to unite the world of those involved in caring for the trees and plant life that surrounds us daily and has such an impact on our environment, now and into the future.

The ISA is located in Champaign, Illinois but has individual chapters scattered throughout the United States and even offers online resources for its members. By distributing educational material to all of those who have sought an ISA certification, the governing body for arborists can ensure that everyone throughout America and the world is operating under the same general principles and set of guidelines, regardless of their specific environment correlating to precisely where they are located.


An ISA Certified Arborist has successfully completed a specific line of testing and shown experience within the industry for a minimum of three years. Other offerings, including collegiate coursework may allow the title of Arborist to be bestowed upon an individual but only those who have completed these specific requirements and regulations can claim the distinction of an “ISA Certified Arborist” - often a step above any other title.

Those who earned the ISA classification have taken a 200-question test related to a number of factors associated with tree care and must also show full-time experience in work related field within the industry.

Upon completion, the earned certification is good for a time period of three years and bust be renewed accordingly to maintain in good standing with the ISA office. In order to successfully renew an individual’s ISA Certified Arborist certification the person must complete at minimum, 30 continuing education credits attained through a variety of measures. 

Those wishing to renew can either complete college classes, attend seminars, or find other approved methods for staying current on the latest topics and issues surrounding the arbor care industry.

Levels of Expertise

There are varying levels of certification extending beyond an ISA Certified Arborist into even higher categories based on an individual’s experience, expertise and desire to seek an elevated distinction. These include: Board Certified Master Arborists, Registered Consulting Arborist (Qualified Supervisor) and Tree Worker Certifications for those wishing to be professionally recognized for their work trimming and knowledge of overall tree care on a different level from the arborist category.

Board Certified Master Arborists is the pinnacle for certification requirements administered by the ISA group. Those holding this specific certification not only have been ISA Certified Arborist but upon renewing their level over the years have also elected to undergo even more testing for a higher grade achievement. These are the best of the best when dealing with any type of tree issue, often having multiple years of experience working with trees, plants, and in the arbor care industry.

Registered Consulting Arborist offer opinions on any particular situation and can assist with helping home or business owners in what the best possible method is for handling whatever issue may arise.


As with any job in the service industry or otherwise, these professional titles and classifications allow consumers to know exactly who is performing the work for them and that these people have been trained, tested, and are staying current with all of the newest technology and science associated with whatever the case may be for their particular situation.

In the arbor industry, this involves not only a full understanding of the national principles and practices associated with tree services throughout the country but also the specifics associated for whatever region, climate, or area of the country an individual is working.

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