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Denver Tree Service: Are Your Trees Prepared for Winter?

Novemeber 28, 2018

Winter is fast approaching and for the Denver area that means, heavy snows, harsh winds and bitter cold. There are a number of items individuals check off their lists in order to ensure they are prepared for one of Mother Nature’s harshest seasons but their trees are often not apart of these lists. Homeowners typically ensure their heating systems - either natural or otherwise - are fully stocked or ready to run and that their vehicles are ready to endure the freezing temperatures and travel in wintry conditions. While those who have plants and enjoy gardening will pay attention to their household potted plants which may be on display outside during the spring and summer, bringing them in to keep them alive and ensure they are properly maintained, those plants (especially trees) which remain outside must be given special attention as well.

People often consider trees to be self serving, taking care of their needs alone and not necessarily in need of outside attention but this is just not true. For those that surround your home, providing shade in the summer and protection from straight line winds and other weather elements, homeowners should return the favor with a little extra protection and added care prior to the harsh winter conditions. Trees must be able to withstand the winter time temperature fluctuations, bitter cold and no real protection from the elements so a little attention prior to winter’s arrival can be extremely beneficial.

Following are a few key factors to consider when deciding to help your trees get ready for their dormant season.


Pruning your trees requires special considerations to ensure that you do not damage the tree or stunt its growth. For most larger trees, pruning occurs in the fall as the dormant season approaches and helps to prepare the tree for an increase in growth once spring returns and the growing season begins.

By having professionals prune your trees, you can make certain that your trees are receiving the best care possible and will be fully prepared for the upcoming winter season. Not only will pruning help the health of a tree but it can also aid in the safety of your home or the area surrounding where the pruned trees occupy.

Winter weather is often associated with harsh winds and snow falls which can accumulate on branches and cause natural damage to a tree. The home or any other structures should be protected if any of the trees or their limbs were to fall as a result of these windy conditions or under the weight of heavy, wet, snow. A proper pruning can ensure that any damaged limbs, branches, or any dead sections of an otherwise potentially healthy tree are removed prior to it becoming an issue.

Once trees lose their leaves, these problem areas can easily be detected and reached to establish a proper pruning of any trees around a property. In addition, a precise pruning can be accomplished because the sight lines are clearly established providing another reason to prune during the dormant season. These steps and the timing of the year make sure your trees are fully prepared for the winter months and will also be ready once spring rolls back around.


Tree trunks need to be wrapped in order to help them be protected from the elements, including sunshine. Surprisingly, sun is one of the more damaging elements that trees and plants have to deal with during the winter. Normally a positive, providing light, warmth, and growth, during the winter months sun can create sunscald.

Sunscald on plants and trees is caused by the warming of the trunk and then freezing temperatures at night. A trunk awakens due to the tree warming in the sun but once the heat source is removed at night the trunk then freezes and the constant thawing and refreezing cycle can create irreparable damage to the trees. 

A wrap can help protect against this issue in much the same way insulation provides warmth to the areas that it surrounds. By using a protective tree wrap, especially on younger saplings and those trees which have not established themselves or have recently been moved or planted, a homeowner can help to aid against sunscald and any other trunk damaging elements.


There are a number of benefits to mulching plants and trees of which one of the most important is protection. Much like the tree wrap insulates and protects the tree’s base, mulch can help to insulate the soil around a tree and give an added extra layer of protection to the root system. By regulating the soil temperature, mulch keeps the area underneath along a relative few degrees of change instead of the heating up and then freezing conditions which fluctuate during much of the winter months and can cause damage to not only the tree trunk but roots as well.

Mulch also conserves moisture and improves the soil conditions. During a time of year when these areas are not as active in providing the necessary nutrients and elements for growth as the spring, the extra layer of protection and improved quality are both significant improvements which assists any tree to which mulch is correctly added.


Before the steady string of freezing temperatures set in over the winter an ample amount of watering should take place. Yes, there will be snow, ice and even rain over the course of the winter to provide some natural intake but once the tree enters its dormant phase the consumption dramatically decreases. For this reason, watering your trees in the fall of the year is almost as important as the steps you take to ensure these plants are well taken care of in the spring.

A proper administration of watering trees in the fall not only aids in the protection of trees but also allow the soil around them to be winter-time ready. 

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